Yacht Surveying & Seaworthiness Certification



ISTITUTO GIORDANO Qualified Inspectors for Safety and Rental Suitability Visits for Vessels and Pleasure Units , registered under Italian Flag,  within 24 meters for:

 - Issue of Safety Certificate and Certificate of Eligibility for Rental

 - Safety and Rental Eligibility Certificate renewal

 - Occasional validation of the Safety Certificate and Suitability for Rental following:

 - Engine replacement

 - Certificates expiration for more than 6 months

 - Extraordinary event

 - Maintaining safety conditions and issuing of a certificate od suitability for navigation for pleasure crafts without CE marking in case they are subject to significant modifications or transformations

 - Extension of the navigation limits for non-CE marked Pleasure Boats

 - CE marking of Pleasure Vessels

 - Non destructive testing

 - Conditions and risk assessment for preowned vessels

 - Repair/maintenance costs evaluation

 - Repair/maintenance survey

 - Technical Information